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Cherry Hill Nursery School

Princeton’s premiere cooperative preschool for children 2-5

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About us

We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

Every school day morning, our children walk through the doors at CHNS with their own personalities, character traits, and unique perspectives on the world around them. They are appreciated for who they are and the amazing potential they hold.

There are many ways to connect with children such as artistic expression, free play, laughter, games, challenges, and above all always listening and always noticing. This is the way we teach our children that they have value.

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Yolanda Jenkins

Founder & Head of School

Co-OP Options

Age-specific support for every stage

Little Cherries & 2s

The littlest of our school join us to have fun with new friends, be introduced to the idea of school, and start separating from parents when the time is right for them, gaining confidence & independence.

3s, 4s & 5s

Building on concepts from year to year, our preschool track encourages kids to explore their world through play, learn in both indoor and outdoor classrooms, & foster a sense of community while gaining necessary pre-K skills.

Afternoon Enrichment

Expanding on the morning fun, afternoon enrichment is an option for 4s and 5s students who are excited for more learning opportunities with mixed-age classes and engaging themes.

2024-2025 co-op preschool

Schedule and tuition


Co-Op Tuition

Parent has responsibilities in their child's classroom on a rotating basis. Tasks include being a 3rd adult in the classroom (known as the "Helping Parent"), helping set up for the day and clean up at the end of the day, assist with snack, handwashing and other classroom duties as needed. The "Helping Child" gets to be the leader for the day.


Non Co-Op Tuition

Parent opts to not be involved in activities in their child's classroom and pays opt-out fee. The fee exempts family from their PTO volunteer hours and helping parent duties. Every non-co-op child receives a turn being the "Helping Child" in an equal amount of rotation as co-op students but a "helping parent" is not in the classroom on that day.


Afternooon Enrichment

Open to toilet-trained children enrolled in CHNS's morning 4s and 5s classes. Children may register for Afternoon Enrichment prior to the start of the year or add sessions as the year progresses. Each session is a mixed-age group of up to 16 children. Past themes include Loose Parts Play, Nature, Cooking, Amazing Athletes, and Soccer Shots.

We welcome kids into our 2-5’s program based on their birth year.

Why us

The best early learning experience

We encourage kids to explore their world through play-based learning


We treat each other with kindness always modeling how to be a good classmate, friend, and person


With play-based learning, creativity is not only expected but encouraged. We love to see where kids go when there imagination runs wild whether in group time, on the playground or in specials like art, music or Spanish


Kids have wide ranges of emotions and we're here to support them as they navigate how they feel, work with them to grow through challenges, and celebrate their successes together


Continued professional development by staff encourages trying new ideas and practices in the classroom

Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

Play Video

Morning Huddles

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The Basics

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Play Stations

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Learning Lab

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Outdoor Play

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Meet the teachers

Experts in giving your children best start

Ella Stark

Lead teacher and 1-2 year olds

Harriet Bailey

Teacher: 2-3 year olds

Melinda Schiller

Teacher: 3-4 year olds

What parents say
The staff is so warm, loving, and nurturing and most have been teaching at CHNS for decades. These teachers are the reason CHNS is such a special place! They truly know how to teach children to foster independence, problem solving, and relationship building at such a young age. Our daughter has made lasting friendships that we know will continue for years to come!
Peri Leyla “Leyla” Bortnowski

More than just a joyful place

Letting kids develop at their own pace through play

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