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Afternoon Enrichment Programs

Afternoon Enrichment

cherries Our Afternoon Enrichment program is a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn new skills and experience more in-depth learning. It is available Monday through Friday from 12:00pm, when our morning session ends, until 2:30pm. It includes time for children to eat their packed lunch and have a short rest. It is open to toilet-trained children in the 3s, 4s and 5s classes. Children that are enrolled in CHNS's morning sessions may register for Afternoon Enrichment prior to the start of the year or add sessions as the year progresses. Drop-ins are usually permitted if space is available. For more information about schedules and pricing, email the registrar at

Starting this spring, if space allows, families whose children do not attend the CHNS morning session may enroll their children, age three through six, in one or more of our Afternoon Enrichment programs, from 12:15pm to 2:30pm. The cost is $30 per day and children are enrolled in 8-week sessions. The next session begins on 3/19.

Each session is a mixed-age group of up to 16 children.

Our current Afternoon Enrichment Schedule:

cherries Forest School — On Monday and Thursday afternoons, we conduct our Forest School. At CHNS, we are passionate about connecting children with nature. In our Forest School, our children spend an engaging afternoon immersed in nature in our very own backyard (which happens to be the Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve!) Children learn about the plants, insects and animals that live there, develop compassion for the natural world, and experience tremendous developmental benefits. We are so proud of our budding environmentalists. They have inspired us to deepen our own connections to the natural world and to extend an invitation to all of the young children in our community to experience authentic nature immersion.

cherries "Loose Parts" Play — On Tuesday afternoons, the children engage in "loose parts" play. This is really when our kids to put their imaginations to work! "Loose parts" refers to a variety of interesting and novel objects that the children can interact with on their own terms and in their own unique way. The parts might include natural objects such as pinecones, shells, smooth rocks, bark or feathers; or man-made objects such as paper tubes, ribbons, caps, buttons, and fabrics. The kids' innate creativity, curiosity and motivation inspire them to interact with the parts in the most interesting ways. As we observe these child-led free play sessions, we witness our children expressing the pure genius of childhood that is so treasured at CHNS.

cherries Fitness Fun — On Wednesday afternoons our kids get moving. We take this opportunity to bring in outside instructors to introduce some new skills such as soccer, gymnastics or yoga. While having a great time, the kids develop gross motor skills and practice good sportsmanship.

cherries Spanish Playgroup — Friday afternoons, we have our Spanish Playgroup. Early exposure to foreign languages helps children develop important skills. Our hands-on, interactive Spanish playgroup incorporates movement and music. Children have fun and make friends while they experience many wonderful cognitive benefits. This is the perfect program for families who plan to send their children to Community Park School’s Dual Language Spanish program for Kindergarten.

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