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Typical Class Day

Because children find security in following a predictable routine, a pattern is established for the daily activities. This varies from class to class and is posted in each classroom. It is altered by teachers as necessary to meet the needs of the children, the weather, special projects or field trips. The following are included in each school day:

cherriesFree Play During this time, children are free to choose from a variety of activities. Activities include manipulative materials such as pegboards, puzzles and small toys (small muscle development); blocks, woodworking equipment, tricycles, and the playground equipment (large muscle control); housekeeping, dress-up and building areas (imaginative play provides opportunity to dramatize what they know of the world); easel painting, printing, finger painting, collage, etc. (creative expression); book corners; teacher-prepared activity involving art, cooking, science, etc.
cherriesTeacher-Directed Activity During circle time, many important activities are shared: talks, stories, music, and more. Discussion time or "show and tell" allows each child an opportunity for individual expression as well as an experience in listening. From special learning segments (e.g. the seasons) to stories and music, interest and enjoyment are placed ahead of technique and our goal is to make the child's experiments with sound, rhythm and movement a most satisfying experience. Group participation is encouraged, but not forced.
cherriesPlayground Each class has at least one outdoor play period. The enclosed playground provides ample space for active running, jumping, climbing, bike riding and games.
cherriesClean Up The children are given 5-10 minutes to finish their activities unhurriedly before they clean up. The emphasis is on cooperation and actively encourages the participation of every child. Even the reluctant child usually enjoys being enlisted to help his teachers and his friends.
cherriesSnack Time This provides an opportunity for conversation as well as good fellowship. The helping child has a special treat in passing out the healthy snack.
cherriesQuiet Time A short rest during an active morning is essential for young children. Listening to music or a story helps the children to relax.

For example:

9:00-9:10Arrival and Settling-in Time
9:10-9:15Quick Clean Up
9:15-9:30Circle Time/Story
9:30-10:10Free Play in Art & Block Rooms
10:10-10:10Clean Up
10:15-10:30Outside Play/Snack Set Up
10:40-11:00Snack Time
11:00-11:10Quiet Time/Story
11:10-11:40Group Time (Enrichment Classes or Art Projects)
11:40-11:50Outside Play
11:55-12:00Dismissal Inside
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