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Cherry Hill Nursery School is located in the lower level of the Unitarian Church of Princeton. The school has seven classrooms and four restrooms within that space. Each class uses two classrooms; a Block Room (a carpeted classroom used for circle time and free play) and an Art Room (a classroom with tile floors used for messy activities and snacks). The Mommy & Me/2X/3X and 4K classrooms are each connected by a restroom. The 5K classrooms each have their own restroom. The seventh classroom is used for enrichment classes and for administrative purposes. Since our staff members have various responsibilities, all tours of the school must be scheduled through the .

Each child has his or her own cubby and coat hook located in the hallway outside the classroom. The cubby usually holds a change of clothes and additional shoes. It is also where the children's art projects are delivered when they are ready to be taken home.

Cherry Hill Nursery School has a large fenced-in playground that is accessible from each classroom. The playground surface is primarily sand for safety purposes. We recently installed two wonderful new playground structures! The playground structures include slides, swings, playhouses, and a large sandbox.

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