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Welcome to Cherry Hill Nursery School!

Our Philosophy

Cherry Hill is a wonderful place to help children grow. We acknowledge the differences in each child and offer a learning environment that fills their individual needs. We recognize the potential in all areas of growth. Cherry Hill teaches children to be individuals, as well as how to work well with others. We strive on the importance of family and parent involvement. We want children to learn while having fun.

Cherry Hill Nursery School (CHNS) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, cooperative school, licensed by the state of New Jersey, and we welcome families from all backgrounds and beliefs. Cherry Hill Nursery School was founded in 1958 by parents who established a quality preschool, owned and operated by the parents.

A Cooperative School

Cherry Hill is a cooperative school that is organized, owned, and run by the Parents Association (the parents of currently enrolled students). The cooperative school has distinct advantages. As parents participate in the classroom and observe all the children, they acquire a general knowledge of children's behavior and, as a result, they understand their own child better while getting to know their friends. We encourage active participation in all areas of school life by attending scheduled conferences, board meetings and school functions.

Aims of Curriculum

At Cherry Hill we believe that each child is capable of making strides socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually in keeping with his own unique personality and rate of growth. At the beginning of the school year the staff maps out a detailed but flexible plan for the year's work. Growth and development are helped along by an accumulation of appropriate, satisfying, and stimulating first-hand experiences. These are enhanced in a wide variety of activities using diverse materials and equipment. Such experiences, along with the teachers' understanding of the needs of young children, will foster positive attitudes and perceptions necessary for future success.

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